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Event Technical Production Company Blue Elephant Joins AVIXA


Event technical production specialists Blue Elephant are excited to announce that in January we joined AVIXA as an Enterprise member.

AVIXA provides training and ongoing professional development opportunities as a route to obtaining Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS®) for Industry professionals.

Tom Evans - Blue Elephants Projects Director commented:

"As a technical production company we rely on having equipment that is up to date, reliable and versatile, as well as having the team with the skills and knowledge to best implement it. As event technology excels into higher resolutions and stronger integrations between departments, the need to ensure teams have the right resources available to them for development and education has never been more prevalent. At Blue Elephant we recognise that the members of our teams and their professional skills make for successful and efficient projects.

The Certified Technology Specialist™ (CTS®) certification is now available for all our staff to obtain. AVIXA caters for the various levels of experience amongst the team, whether it be "Quick start Guide to the industry" for our admin team or a detailed deep dive into CODECs and AVoIP for our technicians, the platform caters for professional development at every level."


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